We know that we will spend most of our time in Asia and although we don’t intend to settle in one particular country in the foreseeable future, we do need somewhere where we can have mail sent (PO box), a local bank account and a place to go when visas run out.

Malaysia offers a ten year visa for retirees, i.e., you’re not allowed to work 🙂 It’s called Malaysia My 2nd Home (MM2H). You have to prove that you can support yourself, haven’t got a criminal record and promise to behave yourself.  Do all this and you’ll be given a stamp in your passport which allows multiple entry into Malaysia for ten years.

There’s a lot of paperwork to fill in – all documents have to be certified and in English. One very pleasant surprise was that our marriage certificate, dated 1983 and issued in Berlin already included an English translation !

I nearly gave up a few times, but at the end of November 2013 we sent everything off and two months later received the OK !

Beginning of March 2014 we flew to  Kuala Lumpur to have the visa stamped in our passports.

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