60 Days and still counting !



And we’re down to two months !

Focus at work is out the window  and the Boss is looking forward to my leaving nearly as much as I am 🙂

Excitement is a constant state of mind at the  moment and I’ll be suprised if we make it to May without me giving myself a heart attack. Dave’s not doing much better.

We’ve just about finished the “to do” list and are hoping that nothing really important has been forgotten.

We’ve given notice on our little furnished apartment and our landlord’s been nice enough to let us remain here for the first week of May.

We don’t have much stuff left, but are still managing to get rid of things.  There’s a lot we won’t be able to dump until the last moment though (towels, bed linen, clothes, etc.)

Entrance to our flat on the left

Entrance to our flat is on the left


Visa – this is what we’re waiting for!

Our passports are at the Indonesian Embassy, where they’ll hopefully give us our two month visa. We had to prove an onward journey, so have booked a flight to Kuala Lumpur dated 59 days after we arrive in Sanur, Indonesia.

There’s not much stopping us now.

2 thoughts on “60 Days and still counting !

  1. Theresa

    Wishing you both all the very best on what shall be an amazing adventure,I shall enjoy reading your posts.😀



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