The Wonderful City of Delft


For the last few years, we’ve been very fortunate to live in the centre of the Dutch city of Delft.

Not only is it steeped in history but, because it’s a student city (University of Technology), it’s also a fun place to be.

Amongst other things, Delft is known for being the birth place of Johannes Vermeer,

"The Lady with the Pearl Earring" and "The Milkmaid"

“The Lady with the Pearl Earring” and “The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer”

its connection to the Dutch Royal family (the House of Orange) and the famous Delft blue pottery (not everyone’s cup of tea).

Delft Blue

Delft Blue tiles

Delft in the summer has a great holiday atmosphere. Most of the cosy bars, cafés and restaurants have outdoor “terraces”; lots of them on boats which float on the numerous canals that run through the city. The many restaurants serve food to suit all tastes: The hotels in the centre of the city occupy beautiful listed buildings and the churches and museums will keep you busy for a few days.

So, if you’re ever in The Netherlands, get yourself over to Delft (approx. 1 hour by train from Amsterdam).  It’s well worth the visit ! – not that I’m biased or anything 🙂


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