2 Weeks in Sanur, Bali

Enjoying the villa

Enjoying the villa

10 days into our retirement and life is good!

We’re enjoying being spoilt, discovering new restaurants and just getting to know Sanur a little better.

Being mostly Hindu, Bali is very laid back and it’s easy to while away the days doing not a lot.

Walking into town every day, we pass this beautiful girl:

Wall painting

Wall painting

Next stop, hand in laundry – Euro 1.70 for a kilo of washing including ironing and you can get a tattoo whilst you wait!


The beach here is not great for swimming – the tide goes out really far and the water is too shallow. But we spend a lot of time there enjoying the sea wind and watching the kite flying.

At the end of a hard day, it’s time to find a restaurant: We have a couple of favourites:

And we end this post with a quick look at the weather for the next few days 🙂



8 thoughts on “2 Weeks in Sanur, Bali

  1. Martin

    what a life!!

    compared to the weather forecast in Munich 11 degree and rain all week long.

    and on top beach, sea life and restaurants.
    I could do waiting without tattoo


    1. Adrienne & Dave Post author

      We share your misery and will have a cold beer for you on the beach 🙂


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