Meandering on Gili Meno

Life on Gili Meno

Life on Gili Meno

We left Gili Air after 12 days and got a small taxi boat to Gili Meno.  The crossing took 10 minutes and was very pleasant with not a wave in sight.

After looking for accommodation, we ended up in “Nautilus Villas“:  Nice rooms – right on the beach: Our home for the next 18 days.

If Gili Air was quiet, Gili Meno is practically comatose. Most people come here for day visits only and in the evenings the restaurants are nearly empty.

We spend the days walking around the island, swimming, reading, eating and drinking: It’s a tough life!

our empties ready for collection

our empties ready for collection

Most of the bars and restaurants here are very local and the food is fantastic.  Fresh fish grilled on wood fires and one of my favourites – pepes ikan – fish baked with a multitude of spices in a banana leaf – the chilis make your eyes water!

pepes ikan

pepes ikan

There have been changes since we were last here.  Two luxury hotels have opened and more are being built – Mostly Australian investors.  It will soon be time for us to look for new islands.

We will try most things once, but one experience we may leave to others: The magic mushrooms – although they do promise great things.

Well, it’s nearly time for another swim, so signing off until the next post.

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  1. Mark

    Nice pictures and drawing(s); good to see you are enjoying yourselves : ))) Are you sure do don’t want mushrooms with your fish ; ))?

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