Final days in Indonesia

Dodgy pavements

Dodgy pavements

Well, we survived the boat rides and are back in Sanur enjoying our last few days in Indonesia before our two month visa runs out (has it really been that long?).

We’ve loved our time here and may be back sooner than we thought.Next stop will be Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – A mere 3 hours away.

We’re staying in “Hotel Taksu“. A lovely place, though we’re now into high season and the prices have gone right up.

Taksu Hotel

Taksu Hotel

Walking around we really noticed that there are an awful lot of people (tourists) with legs bandaged up or walking on crutches.  This has got to be due to the terrible state of the pavements here (although getting on and off boats could also be the cause).

The sewage system runs under the pavements which wobble when you walk on them, have huge holes in them or have callapsed. The idea is to keep your eyes on the ground when walking.  As soon as you look up, you can guarantee that you’re going to trip.

We’ve got to know Sanur better and have met a few expats who are living here – very colourful characters and from all walks of life. We spent a lot of time talking to William MacKenzie who owns the “Bali Pub”.

William in hi pub

William in his pub

He used to be a wrestler and then had his own hairdressing salon in Glasgow before retiring and moving to Bali.  On the subject of pavements again, A few months ago William fell into one of the many holes and broke his shoulder.

Taxis here are very cheap – 20,000 IDR (Euro 1.40) for a 10 minute trip. It is however possible to travel even cheaper on local buses called “bemos”.  The same journey will cost 10.000 IDR. We’re determined not to get too lazy though and make a point of walking everywhere.

local bemo

local bemo

The taxi and bemo drivers don’t believe that anyone really wants to walk and bombard you with shouts of “transport, transport” or blast their horns at you to let you know that they’re free.  Even when you’re sitting in a restaurant they’ll accost you with offers of transport, if not for now then for tomorrow – They are not easily deterred and can be a real pain in the arse.

See – Life is not totally without stress 🙂

The sun continues to shine every day, but it is definitely not as hot as when we arrived (or as hot as in Europe at the moment).  Next post will be from a much more humid Malaysia.

4 thoughts on “Final days in Indonesia

    1. Adrienne & Dave Post author

      You’re welcome Martin and yes, you should definitely visit and, in the mean time, don’t work too hard🍺


    1. Adrienne & Dave Post author

      Thanks Mirjam – time is flying, but not as fast as it did when we were working. Lack of routine slows things down 🙂 hope all’s well with you x


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