Return to S/E Asia


A hair cut is in order

Our last day in Queensland was spent driving down to the Sunshine Coast where we bade  a temporary farewell to our home of the last couple of months.  Until we’re reunited (around June 2017), we’re fortunate enough to have private, free parking in a very scenic spot.

long term parking with a view

Bye Bye for now!

One night in the centre of Brisbane and then on to Darwin with Qantas Air (treated ourselves to Business Class – very nice!) for our final night in Australia.

A last “seasonal” photo from Down Under – Yes, it’s Father Christmas, Bogan style:


Arriving back in Asia felt like coming home.  It’s currently rainy season on Bali, still lots of sun though and NO flies!
And the food! We headed straight to one our favourite restaurants in Sanur “Warung Sea Breeze” Owned by a group of young locals who play great music and know how to cook.

Sea Breeze

Over the next few days we worked our way through some of our favourite Indonesian dishes, quickly getting reacquainted with the spicey taste of chilli peppers, fresh garlic and shrimp paste:


Ikan bakar


Pepes Ikan


Cah Kangkung

Then there’s the fruit and my personal favourite – passion fruit. This is the Indonesian version called “Markisa”. Looks like a hard orange on the outside and like an alien on the inside – tastes marvellous!

Markisa — Passion Fruit

Christmas was getting closer and we decided to spend it in Laos again.  First thing when we got to Vientiane was to found a hairdresser as Dave had started to resemble Rasputin. Eventually, looking like his old self, we booked into the beautiful Dhavara Hotel where we’ve been for the last 7 days.


Vientiane 2

Last year when we got here we’d been away from Europe for 8 months and were very excited by the French influence in the local cuisine, eating our way through cheeses, meat plates and oysters  – all things we’d missed.  This time we were more than happy to stick to the local dishes, showing just how much our palates have changed in the intervening 12 months.  It’s possible though that we’re still on an Asian high after Australia😀


Mok pa – steamed fish


Tam mak houng – papaya salad


Sai oua – lao sausage

One thing we always forget about until we get here is the pollution.  Vientiane is a small  city but all the traffic runs down the main road and the air is quite horrendous.  So, despite great food and everything else that we love about this place, it’s been crossed off the list as a possible location to one day settle down in

Christmas here is very, very low key – it’s not quite the same listening to “jingle bells” with the sun shining and temperatures in their 30’s.  Hard to believe that just two years ago we were spending our last Christmas in Europe in Monchau:


Tomorrow we fly to Bangkok where we’ll be seeing in the New Year. Here’s hoping that everyone had a great Christmas and that 2017 will bring us all health and happiness! xx

4 thoughts on “Return to S/E Asia

  1. Hans (en Hanny)

    Mouthwatering dishes! Have a lovely New Year! We had ours last year in Vientiane, with an open air concert and a tiny bit of fireworks…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Adrienne & Dave Post author

    We thought about you both. Can’t believe it’s a year since we bumped into you in Luang Prabang !


  3. Michel (&Toke)

    Hi Adrienne and Dave !!
    Still not too late to wish you a very healthy year, full with new and thrilling experiences.
    Hope you enjoy Laos and also maybe this special place (middle of nowhere) where we met around this time (and around a beer) last year. Right after having met Hans and Hanny in Luang Prabang !!
    Even if we do not show up very often on your fantastic blog we keep thinking about you both quite regularly.
    Your story is also well discussed (and admired) among our friends and family…
    Many many many do share your concept of permanent tourism. At least in their deepest dreams…
    Lucky you, guys !!
    Keep going. Enjoy life full speed ahead, and do not forget to have Dave shaved
    some time !!
    From Amsterdam, with Love.
    MiTo (Michel & Toke)


    1. Adrienne & Dave Post author

      Hi Michel and Toke. Happy 2017 to you too. We were just recently talking about you and the wonderful 4000 islands (we didn’t get that far this time).
      Stay in touch and let us know what you’re up to 🙂
      Lots of love from sunny Bangkok,


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