Tasmania – Part 2

doodle reunited

Returning to Hobart from New Zealand

Returning on 23rd December, we drove straight down to Kayena in order to spend Christmas with friends.

We had a wonderful time in great company accompanied by amazing food – Even Santa popped in:

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On Boxing day we headed off North West and ended up in Port Stanley, our campsite overlooking The Nut:

The Nut

The walk up it was short but steep with great views from the top


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Just down the road in Arthur River, we reached “The Edge of the World”

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From here we took the Norfolk Road also know as C249, the Western Explorer Road or the ‘Road to Nowhere’. It’s a white dust/gravel road that winds it’s way through the Arthur Pieman Conservation Area, up and down hills, through forests and ends in Corinna, a remote historic mining town:

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From here we got on to the tiny ferry which took us across the Pieman River in 10 minutes:

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We’d fully intended to return to Kayena to celebrate New Year but it would have taken too long to get there from where we were.  Instead it was just the two of us and a bottle of Moet welcoming in 2018🍾🎆

Our last weeks on Tasmania have been spent being lazy.  The weather got into the 30s and it’s been too hot to do much of anything except eat and drink.

Like many other tourists, when we were told how strong the sun is here we were all

We can handle it – We spend most of our time in Asia“.

No! We can’t handle it.  19℃ and cloudy and after an hour we’re looking like over-ripe tomatoes. We learned our lesson the hard way. No matter what the weather – sun tan lotion is the order of the day.  Also, unlike Asia, the humidity is very low here and we find ourselves suffering from dry eyes, dry noses and dry throats, the latter being the easiest to cure 🍺

our trip

Well, we didn’t get to see it all!

We decided to spend our last week in Launceston and found a place to camp on top of a dusty hill over-looking the second largest city in Tasmania after Hobart.

camping in Launceston

We slowly worked our way through some of the wonderful restaurants (Indian, Chinese, Italian), drank some great local wines and just generally enjoyed our final days on Tasmania.

Our last night was spent back in Kayena where it all started: With great friends who forced us to stuff ourselves on oysters and prawns and kept the wine flowing. Our stay was spoilt by only on thing – we had to say “goodbye” – Very sad, especially not knowing when we’ll have the chance to get together again.


Not 6 oysters, not 12, not even 18 – 2 dozen oysters each!

Now we’re on the “Spirit of Tasmania” for our return journey to Melbourne.  A couple of glasses of wine in the bar and we’ll be ready to retire to our lovely cabin for a good night’s sleep before waking up tomorrow morning to start the final month of our Australia journey.

spirit of Tasmania

We’ve loved Tasmania, that’s why we postponed our ferry back twice and ended up staying for 10 weeks rather than the 4 we’d initially planned. We’re going to miss the empty roads, the deserted beaches, the beautiful scenery, the oysters and scallops, the wines and a whole lot more.

Here’s a final look at our trip around Tasmania:

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    1. Adrienne & Dave Post author

      Most definitely Dave – It’ll be a long journey for you, but well worth it! xx


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