Final Weeks Down Under



Sad to be leaving Australia and the camper – Excited to be returning to Asia

After returning to the mainland from Tasmania, we’ve spent our last six weeks in Australia slowly heading back to Brisbane.

Brisbane and Explorer Motorhomes is where we initially bought the camper 18 months ago:

great memories

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We’re handing  it back to them and they’re going to take care of finding a buyer for us, meaning that we don’t have to hang around waiting for a sale and can move on – Destination Bali.

Selling the camper means emptying the camper – Everything from sheets and towels to pots and pans and chairs and tables. Amazing what fits into such a small space! We made a point of once again visiting Nimbin as our last stop before Brisbane.  The campsite there is home to a number of permanent campers who don’t have much and were happy to relieve us of all of our stuff.

On the way we revisited Glen Innes:

bald nob & Glen Innes

Bypassing Bald Nob and heading on to Glen Innes

And then returned to Tamworth because we know a nice bottle shop there that sells our favourite gins:

gin time

Plus Dave got to hang out with some Country and Western star:

Dave in Tamworth

Up until the end the weather was pretty good and before we knew it, 6 weeks was up and we were back to where it all began.  We rented a cabin on a campsite for 3 days and cleaned the camper inside and out.  We spent money having the outside cleaned professionally and of course, no sooner was it done than it started pouring down with rain which lasted for the next few days.

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On the 7th March we bid a sad farewell to the closest thing we’ve had to a home in nearly 3 years.

The next two weeks we spent here. What luxury – The space, the bathroom, washing machine and drier and a kitchen to die for. Not to mention a huge terrace overlooking the sea.  Suddenly, moving out of the camper did not seem so bad at all!

Living in hotels is great but having enjoyed this apartment so much, we’ve come to the conclusion that this may be the way to go in the future. Rent apartments (preferably service apartments) in various places for longer periods of time. Being able to unpack for 4 weeks or more is a real treat and having our own place again, albeit for a short time, is a very nice change.

We’re now at the airport waiting to board the plane to Bali. The Virgin Australia flight has already been delayed over 3 hours. Fortunately we’re flying business class so we’re  drowning our sorrows in champagne🙁🥂  It must be said though, considering all the flights we’ve taken over the past 3 years, this is first time we’ve had a serious delay.

Packing came as a bit of a shock as we seem to have accumulated rather a lot of stuff whilst camping.  There is going to have to be a big sort out in Bali because we’re determined to continue our travels with 2 wheelie bags only!  Long gone are the days when all our things fitted into carry-on luggage🙁😀:

too much luggage

Feeling a bit sad about leaving Australia.  Going to miss the nature, the empty beaches, the laughing kookaburras and the cockatoos.  Definitely our favourite part was Tasmania and that wasn’t just down to the food being better than on the mainland – It’s just an amazing place.

Returning to Asia feels a bit like going on holiday😀 or maybe “going home”?

7 thoughts on “Final Weeks Down Under

  1. Trevor Moore

    Sounds wonderful, glad to hear you’re still living your dreams. Stay fit an well and maybe see you on a campsite in Europe again one day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Adrienne & Dave Post author

      Thanks Liz. You’ll there soon enough the way time flies past!


  2. Anonymous

    Hi Dave and Adrienne, didn’t realise a couple of times you were so near, I should have been paying more attention! Glad you enjoyed Oz, you got to experience the good and the bad it seems, best wishes for your settling back “home” or wherever you are planting your feet next. Take care!! – Kim

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Adrienne & Dave Post author

      Thanks Kim. No intention of settling down for a while yet though! Love to you and Marek x


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