Lazy Days on the Perhentians


After several hectic days in Kuala Lumpur we were ready to head off to the Perhentian Islands. A short flight from KL to Kota Bahru then a 45 minute drive to the port of Kuala Besut and another 45 minute boat ride and we arrived on Perhentian Besar.

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There are actually two islands, Besar and Kecil – Besar being the large island and Kecil the smaller.

As no cars or motorbikes are permitted on the Perhentians, the only way to get around is on foot or with one of the many taxi boats.  They’re great fun and, for a small fee will take you anywhere you want to go on either of the islands.

water taxis


Not really being into sunbathing, we discovered the jungle trek, it’s circular and takes you round part of the big island.  A great walk, though hot and humid and if you stop for too long the mosquitos find you.

The trek is split into 3 parts and after every part there’s a lovely beach you have to walk along to reach the next section, and of course each beach has a bar(s) and offers an opportunity to cool down with a swim.perhentian-islands-map

The trek is mostly through quite dense jungle, up and down rocks and hills:jungle walking

A bit of an obstacle course in places:

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And there are some bits which I’m not keen on:

scaling horrible bridge

walking the plank

I can make it!

Though we walked it just about everyday for 4 weeks, we always came across new things:

We also spotted snakes but luckily they were more scared than we were and disappeared very quickly.

And of course everywhere there are beautiful beaches and views:

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And lots of lovely places for a quick drink:Time for a drinkThe walk two thirds completed, we head over to Kecil (the small island)

for well deserved drinks and lunch:

drinks on long beach

After lingering for a (long) while our taxi boat arrives to take us back, dropping us off on PIR Beach where we go for our final swim of the day before doing the last part of the walk back to our place.

In no time another stressful day is over and whilst we watch the sun setting sunset at dinnertime

we contemplate what we’ll have for dinnerdinner


It’s a tough life!😂

This has been a great place to celebrate not only our birthdays but also 3 years on the move and still we’re a long way from considering settling down anywhere.  Our plans to visit Central and South America have been put on hold for the moment.  We’re enjoying being back in Asia too much and there’s still so much to see here. Tomorrow we fly back to KL to reunite with all the luggage we left behind and then it’s on to Penang.


Our walk and boat trip

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