Down Under in Darwin


We’ve been back in Australia for just over 3 weeks now and are really enjoying the laid back life style of Darwin.

Our first big task was to find a new set of wheels to take us around the country. It didn’t take too long before Dave fell in love and before we knew it, we were the proud owners of a Toyota Landcruiser V8. Anywhere else this car would be considered huge, but here in Darwin 90% of vehicles are landcruisers or very similar so we fit right in. We were even successful in getting Dave an Australian driver’s license – Much easier than expected and no need to give up his Malaysian license.


Traffic in Darwin is practically non existent and drivers are patient and considerate (after so long in Asia it’s always amazing to us when cars actually stop at zebra crossings).

Another big difference – People still enjoy talking to each other! In Asia it seems that the only conversation that takes place is on phones – It’s not unusual to see families or groups of friends having dinner together but spending the whole time on their mobiles, only stopping in order to take photos of the food when it arrives – No doubt to inform the world of what a great time they’re having.

The temperatures here are wonderful. Mid to late 20s – Such a relief after the intense heat in Vietnam. Everything is very dry though and the last couple of days it’s been snowing ash from bushfires:

bush fires

Our first visit to a bottle shop was a surprise. Dave was asked for ID which had to include his date of birth. He was convinced that it was due to his youthful appearance but it turned out that the Northern Territories have a “Banned drinker register (BDR)” which has to be checked when anyone purchases alcohol. There is a big drinking problem here.

Talking of drinking, we’re spending our last few days here equipping the car and buying cold weather gear. Flip-flops (thongs :-)) won’t cut it in the Outback. As we have so much space in the car, Dave decided to spoil me. My favourite drink in the world is a dirty vodka martini. Just about impossible to get a good one in Asia and too expensive here. So we went out and bought all the necessary tools:


and after a lot of this:

we ended up with this

Dave has now mastered the art of the perfect mix, meaning I can have the best martini whenever I want!

Tomorrow our journey begins – We’re heading off to Alice Springs and then on to Ayers Rock (Uluru). A distance of 1964 Kms. We’re not sure how long this will take because there’s a lot to see along the way. Next post will hopefully have pictures of us in front of Uluru.

Darwin to Ayers Rock

13 thoughts on “Down Under in Darwin

  1. Mirjam

    Wow!! Wonderful😎👍!! Cheers 🍸 and safe travels, with
    such a car this will not be a problem👍!
    Greetings from Crete ☀️🌴

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mark

    Great to see you have a brand new white car : ) and up for new adventures! I always look forward to your stories and pictures, and the gif from Dave shaking for the martini will sure be a hit on the Interwebs soon ; ) Or lead to an invitation to become bartender at an exotic place somewhere ; )
    Are you both regressing to become younger or is it the life style that affects you both to remain in your 30’s forever : )))
    Ow ya goin mates!

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    1. Adrienne & Dave Post author

      😂🤣 It is a pretty stress free life! Not sure about regressing though. Could be that you’re getting older and your eyesight is beginning to fail😎


  3. Marek

    Great to see you are in the land down under again, and winter in Darwin is best. I am still in Delft. Watch out for crocs wandering the streets of Darwin at night! It doesn’t happen often, but once is enough I am told.

    Nice Landcruiser – ISIS transport of choice, so they must be reliable! There are some good FB groups for outback exploration with lots of tips and advice on great places to visit and stay. If you are thinking of the real outback off-roading, then look seriously at an EPIRB – Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon to alert search and rescue services in the event of an emergency via sat network. A friend told me of his friends who rented a 4 wheel drive & on their first day out bush, after driving off-road through spinifex, noticed a burning smell. They stopped and jumped out to see what was amiss and saw the dry spinifex needles had accumulated around the exhaust pipe and started smouldering and worse. Fortunately, they were smart enough to grab their water and EPIRB from it, before the car turned into a smouldering wreck. Thanks to that they only had a day in the wilderness before being found by emergency services rather than ten+ days or worse, and they lived to tell the tale. The devices are generally around $200+, but it is insurance that is worth the price.

    The same friend told me about visiting a town (just a pub and a dingo probably) where he could buy petrol, but no one would sell him water in quantity. I think that was not far after he crossed the Simpson desert, so maybe that was the explanation.

    Did you find a guaranteed resale deal with the Landcruiser or can you make use of it on multiple occasions visiting the country? If you have any tips on getting good deals then I would be happy to hear them. I was looking for a second hand 4 wheel drive while living in Adelaide, but they seemed to keep their value too well and I was short on disposable cash. At the time I couldn’t justify the price, but I still hope to make a grand outback trip on retirement.

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  4. Vanessa Valeros Calapano

    Hi there, this is my first time to visit your blog and I want to say hello.
    No wonder that mobile phones have invaded each and everyone’s life. I am from Asia, particularly in the Philippines and I can relate to what you say about communication.
    By the way, I am new in blogging and just recently I made a challenge to my self. I will be visiting 10 blogs each day for 21 days. I will leave comment on each blog I visit and have its link posted on my blog. Hope you can visit my blog to support me on this one.
    I also followed your blog.


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