The Best Laid Plans …..


Self-isolating in style

That time has come round again – It’s 5 years to the day since we retired, left The Netherlands and got on a one-way flight to Bali to start our lives as “Permanent Tourists”. And here we are – More “Permanent” than “Tourists” 🙂

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Things are Changing

We didn’t just celebrate our birthdays in May, but also 4 years of retirement and being permanent tourists. Settling down is not yet a consideration: We have no idea where we’d want to live long term plus we still get really excited about planning and moving on. It is definitely time to start considering other destinations besides South-East Asia though.

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Return Down Under

zombie doodle

Not a good idea to watch “The Walking Dead” whilst in the Outback on a deserted campsite!

After 6 months in Asia, the final month spent on Bali staying at the rather swish Maya Hotel , we flew to Brisbane.  For the first time we used Virgin Australia and what a wonderful flight experience that was!  We stayed for two chilly, rainy days, made worse by the fact that we had no weather appropriate clothing with us (we’d left all our cold weather gear in the camper on departing Australia for S/E Asia). Continue reading

January in Thailand


Bangkok car fumes beat those of Vientiane

Originally we were only going to stay in Thailand for a week.  However, as our passports are filling up at an alarming rate and we want to postpone getting new ones for as long as possible,  we decided to stay for the full length of the 30 day visa which is issued on arrival. Continue reading

Return to S/E Asia


A hair cut is in order

Our last day in Queensland was spent driving down to the Sunshine Coast where we bade  a temporary farewell to our home of the last couple of months.  Until we’re reunited (around June 2017), we’re fortunate enough to have private, free parking in a very scenic spot. Continue reading

A lot of “Firsts”

Dinner's up!

Dinner’s up!

We left Redcliffe, Brisbane with no real plan. What we hadn’t realised was that the day we chose to set off coincided with the start of a long weekend, consequently the roads were packed with families heading out to the coast. Continue reading

Islands of SW Thailand – Part 2

critter destroyer

The Fearless Critter Killer

Beginning of March and after more than seven weeks on Ko Libong we’re ready to move on. Our stuff is loaded onto a long-boat and we head off to our next destination: Another small island to the South called Ko Sukorn. Continue reading

Islands of SW Thailand – Part 1

Life on an island

Life on an island

It’s been quite a while since the last post but that’s because we’ve just spent seven  weeks on an idyllic island and really, no matter how much we enjoyed it here, there’s only so much you can write about a small island without repeating yourself, re-using the same adjectives and posting similar pictures – which I’ll probably end up doing anyway😀
So, here goes …..
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Christmas in Laos


Christmas with the monks

We left Bali on 6th December and flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

One of the things we did during our three days there was check our P.O. Box and, happily there was actually stuff in it – replacement bank cards (stolen when my bag was snatched) – and a few other things we’d been expecting. It works ! 👍 Continue reading

Change of Plan

Decisions, decisions

Decisions, decisions

Our 60 day visa for Indonesia is about to run out and tomorrow we’re due to fly to Darwin and spend a few days there and in Brisbane. We were going to return to Bali on a 30 day visa before flying to Laos beginning of December. However, the immigration authorities here in Indonesia have thwarted that plan by deciding to change the rules 🙂 Continue reading

A Month in Kuching, Borneo

A typical headhunter scene in Borneo

A typical headhunter scene in Borneo

A mere 1hr, 45 min. flight from Kuala Lumpur and we’re in Kuching, the capital of Sarawak on Borneo (third largest island in the World). Kuching is a rather strange city, very different to anywhere else in Malaysia. It’s elegant, quiet and clean and not a lot goes on but it does have a fascinating past. Continue reading

Malaysia here we are!

KL Skyline -  Note: drawing is not to scale

KL Skyline 

Note: Drawing is not to scale!


We arrived in Kuala Lumpur after a three hour flight and headed to “hotel Geo“. An OK hotel in a fantastic location, on the edge of China Town.

It’s very humid here in KL and when the sun gets through the cloudy skies, it’s downright sizzling!

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3 days left on Gili Meno

Starry skies

Starry skies

We’ve spent the last week further exploring the island and finding new places to eat and drink.   If you want to treat yourself, there are a couple of swanky places here and when we do occasionally crave a clean table and a decent toilet 🙂 these are the places to go. Continue reading

4 Weeks left and raring to go!

us happy2Well, this is the last post from The Netherlands and boy, are we looking forward to blogging from more exotic locations in the future 🙂

Time is running away from us and all of a sudden we only have four weekends left before we leave, one of which I’ll be in Berlin visiting my father: Leaves three to get the final bits and pieces sorted out. Continue reading

90 Days and Counting !

Indonesia-0002It’s hard to imagine that in three months we’ll be off; the waiting is becoming more and more difficult and as for concentrating on work – nigh on impossible.

All the big things have been taken care of: House is sold, belongings have been given away or sold.  The camper has found a new owner and we’ve handed in our notice.

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