3 days left on Gili Meno

Starry skies

Starry skies

We’ve spent the last week further exploring the island and finding new places to eat and drink.   If you want to treat yourself, there are a couple of swanky places here and when we do occasionally crave a clean table and a decent toilet 🙂 these are the places to go.

Adeng Adeng restaurant

Adeng Adeng restaurant

Talking of toilets, they do leave a bit to be desired.

Ramadan has started (and lasts for a month). A good muslim won’t eat or drink from 3 in the morning until 6 in the evening. Where not eating might not be too much of a problem, not drinking in these temperatures must be pretty tough, especially when you’re serving ice cold drinks to tourists all day. The locals handle it well though and have told us that it’s not difficult for a good muslim and teaches self discipline.

We took a walk inland to the local village and to visit a bird park. Poor birds, what a depressing place. Eagles locked in cages just ain’t right. Didn’t take any photos. Strolling around the village was an experience though.

Wifi has consistently become slower and the power goes out at regular intervals. However, this has positive sides: One is that, due to lack of light polution, the stars are quite incredible (As can be seen in the life-like rendition above).

A big part of life here are the jewellery, sarong, hammock and fruit sellers, who arrive every morning from Lombok and wander along the beach all day trying to sell their wares (tough going when drinking is forbidden).  They know us by now and stop for a chat, knowing that we’re not likely to buy anything (we did initially!)

Andy peddling his wares

Andy peddling his wares

We return to Sanur in a couple of days.  We need to via Padangbai but as no boats go from here to there, we’ll take a small boat back to Gili Air, spend the night and then take a fast boat back to Padangbai and a car on to Sanur. So, if we make it across the treacherous seas, the next post will be from there.

? ? but notice the worried looking cow in the background

? ? but notice the worried looking cow in the background

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