4 Weeks left and raring to go!

us happy2Well, this is the last post from The Netherlands and boy, are we looking forward to blogging from more exotic locations in the future 🙂

Time is running away from us and all of a sudden we only have four weekends left before we leave, one of which I’ll be in Berlin visiting my father: Leaves three to get the final bits and pieces sorted out.Friday, 8th May, as well as being my birthday, is our last day of work. We’re leaving the office and getting a taxi straight to the airport where, as a treat, we’re spending the night in the Sheraton Hotel. The next day our Singapore Airlines flight leaves for Bali at 11:30.

Sheraton - Schiphol

Sheraton – Schiphol

There’s not much left to do, but we have to get organised as we’ll be without a car in less than three weeks.

  • Everything that had to be cancelled has been cancelled (except for Netflix which we’re keeping till the last moment :-))
  • All important documents have been scanned and filed.
  • Medical records have also been scanned, although what use they’ll be is another question; they’re all in Dutch……….
  • Very important – backpack has been decorated and is ready to go.
  • Kindle libraries are overflowing and should keep us going for a long time.
  • Music is being downloaded at a scary rate (we’re keeping Apple afloat)
  • We’re running around Delft like tourists – taking all the photos we never took during our years of living here.

This week we heard that our meagre possessions had made it across the sea and arrived in Kuala Lumpur; passed through customs and are now safely tucked away in long term storage. Who knows when we’ll see them again 🙂

So, for now it’s farewell from Holland and see you in Bali. If you can think of anything we’ve forgotten – Let us know asap !

1 thought on “4 Weeks left and raring to go!

  1. Mirjam

    And now a little bit more then a week!!! Thanks for the link to this blog! Love to stay in touch like this and to be able to follow your new adventures! XX



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