The Hughes’s have landed

ArrivingAnd we’ve made it!

The last few days in The Netherlands were spent saying goodbye to some wonderful friends and colleagues.  This, more than anything else, brought it home that we were leaving for good.

There wasn’t much time to dwell on this though: Before we knew it, we were landing in Bali and for the first we could fill in “RETIRED” under “Occupation” on the immigration form 🙂

We’re staying at a wonderful place in Sanur called “Aleesha Villas” – it’s an extravagance, but as we both just had birthdays, we thought we’d treat ourselves – that’s our excuse and we’re sticking with it! Aleesha Villa

We’ve unpacked and are enjoying the sun, the cold beer and not working 🙂 There was one dangerous moment though:


I risked my reputation taking this photo, as the staff at the restaurant obviously thought I was taking selfies of myself on the toilet.

We’ll be staying here in Sanur for 2 weeks and then moving on to Ubud, slightly further north on Bali.

This post is dedicated to Chris and the cast and crew of our hilarious farewell video – thanks so much!

3 thoughts on “The Hughes’s have landed

  1. Mark

    Hi Dave and Adrienne,
    Happy to read that you arrived without being homesick ; )! Congrats and lots of fun during both your birthday-vacations ; ))) So you can still buy beer at Bali? I thought they are no longer allowed to do so?


    1. Adrienne & Dave Post author

      Hi Mark,
      No problems with beer in Bali, as it’s mostly Hindu 🙂


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